Crystal Key, aka CKey

With 40 foundation shades and a soft matte finish, the sisters have lost their minds! Yes, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty collection is all the rage. Although Fenty Beauty is prized for its all inclusive range of colors, September 8, 2017 marks a historical moment for Black women in particular. Perhaps it is the realization that we come
in a multitude of shades. Gone are the days of light, dark, and medium, of having to “make do”, of spending an inordinate amount of time mixing two colors that might match your skin tone, or trying to figure out why your only choices are 50 shades of beige. In fact, the foundation is so popular that you might find it difficult to get even
a sample from Sephora.

A Few of the Darker Shades

Crystal Key, makeup artist and instructor, gives us her take on this fabulous new collection. Also known as CKey, Crystal hails from Manhattan Beach, California. She loves being with her family, sharing her experiences, learning from others, and simply having fun. CKey also has a line of T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and buttons which are inscribed “Confidence is Key”, “Love is Key”, and “Faith is Key.”

Fenty Beauty Products

She currently has two Youtube channels: CKey Beauty and CKeyUncut where she deals with subjects such as the meaning of success, finding your true identity, marriage, and how to stay celibate. Please visit both of her channels and subscribe. CKey can also be found on Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest. Below, CKey shares her first impression with respect to the Fenty Beauty foundation. Don’t forget to view one of her beautiful photographs on our homepage slideshow. Thank you, Crystal, for allowing us to use your video. Enjoy!

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